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Mission, Goals, Purpose

Mission, Goals, Purpose


TCNJ Votes! works to inform the campus community on how politics affects them now and in the future, and prepares them to engage politically in different ways. We do this by providing students and campus community members the resources and opportunities necessary to participate effectively, including voting, becoming politically informed, and exploring multiple venues of political engagement.


  1. Increase voter turnout for the upcoming election
  2. Increase constructive political engagement on campus
  3. Increase participation and interest in political engagement activities on- and off-campus


TCNJ Votes was created to engage the campus community in politics and the importance that it has on the world. Young voters make up about 21% of eligible voters in the country, but they are the group least likely to vote. TCNJ Votes plans on increase voter turnout rates and increase political engagement at The College of New Jersey.